The Mystical Lady In Blue

Sor Maria de Jesus de Ágreda

A full color 40 page book for children that tells the story of Sor Maria de Ágreda.  
Available in English, Spanish and Italian. Click the book covers for more information.  

Music that tells the story of Sor Maria de Agreda's ministry 

to the Jumano Indians in the New World.    Listen to samples

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

My name is Maria. On April 2, 1602, I was born María Fernández Coronel y Arana in Ágreda, Spain. The Jumano Tribe in the New World called me, "The Lady in Blue" because the cloak of my habit is dark blue. I once told my good friend Felipe, the King of Spain, “to God the past and future are both now present”. It is in the spirit of the now that I come to you in this sacred moment to share my story.

In my life I have been greatly blessed by the generosity of God. I have experienced ecstasy in prayer, levitation and bilocation. My heart is full of gratitude for this. Every day in my small little room I practiced deep prayer and meditation where I came to know the beautiful silence of God’s Voice.

God’s radiant light of love surrounds us all. Many times when I was deep in prayer and meditation I would become light as a feather and float above the ground.  In these sacred moments I only knew the glorious, loving light of God.

When I immersed myself into a deep state of prayer, I was filled with complete ecstasy and felt no bodily sensation. God gave me the gift of bilocation. This enabled me to travel across the ocean to the New World where I befriended beautiful Native American people. Although my spirit traveled, my physical form never left from inside the walls of our convent in Spain.

At the beginning I was very confused. I was only fifteen years old. I saw the Native American people and heard them speak. I found myself in a land I had never seen before. It was all so very beautiful. I came to love the Native American people. The Jumanos were my friends.

My soul was full and my senses were alive with new sensations. Sometimes I could feel the coolness of the rain, the warmth of the land on my feet and smell earthly fragrances I had never before known. Everything was manifested to me through the loving light of God. I told the Natives that I brought good news from very far away in the spirit of faith. I spoke to them of the love of Jesus Christ and they listened.

The Blessed Mother came to me and requested that I write her story. “My daughter,” she said, “do not be disturbed in thy heart. I will be thy Mother.”  The music of her voice soothed my soul with wonder and her glorious presence gave me the complete understanding of eternal life. I wrote her story and included messages from the Blessed Queen herself. It is called, "The Mystical City of God."

I encourage you to seek the loving light of God in daily prayer and meditation. Listen to God’s voice in the silence. You will be amazed. God’s great love is unconditional and it is with you always. My story is a testimony that all things are possible with God. 
May God bless you all-ways,
Sor Maria de Jesus
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Prayer for Sor Maria de Jesus of Agreda

Beatification Cause    

May 24th, 2015

Sor María de Jesús died in the Lord with holiness reputation on May 24th,1665. We commemorate that she went with our Father and pray that the Lord grant her the recognition of her holy life.
"And finally enriched with the Apostolic Blessing which, as it has been said, was sent by the Pope Alejandro VII, and with the Seraphic blessing of the father Saint Francis which was given by the General; present at the recommendation of her soul, not only the religious nuns that did not cease to praise God, but also the main fathers of the order, the Confessor, the provincial, the former provincial and the general Minister with their secretaries, and some priests; accompanied by the devout images of the Virgin of the Choir, Our Lady of the Martyrs, the Holy Christ of the cross, Our Lady of the Remedies and the Virgin of the Miracles; and among the cries and sobs of a countless multitude of the people, expected around the convent the last hour that called her holy mother, on 24th May of the year 1665, Dominica of Pentecost at the Third Hour the same hour in which the Divine Spirit came upon the Apostles, and the sisters used to sing in the choir the hymn Veni, Creator Spiritus; "by invoking her own voice off and devoted the coming of the Celestial Helper and repeated three times the words come, come, come, quiet and very softly breathed her soul full of merits and virtues".
Tenth treaty. Chapter I)


FIRST MYSTERY: Jesus Christ resurrects gloriously from the sepulchre
'Why look among the dead for someone who is alive? He is not here; he has risen” (Luke, 24, 5-6)
“Oh what a great treasure! What great good is enclosed in this death of Christ! My soul is intoxicated in just consider it! And for your kindness, Lord, I ask and pray that my faults and sins do not impede the divine purposes of this treasure"
(Spiritual Garden, 563)

SECOND MYSTERY: Our Saviour ascends into Heaven with admirable
glory and triumph. Then he took them out as far as the outskirts of Bethany, and raising his hands he blessed them. Now as he blessed them, He withdrew from them and was carried up to heaven” 
(Luke 24: 50-51).

"Soul, tell Jesus often invoke him with affection; My sweetest Jesus, visit my heart, comfort my spirit. My sweet love, put your passion and death in the presence of your Father and remind Him that You are my brother, my husband, and my Lord: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus"

(Spiritual Exercises)

THIRD MYSTERY: The Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles to
illuminate them, comfort them, and sanctify them “When suddenly there came from heaven a sound as of a violent wind which filled the entire house in which they were sitting; (…)They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak different languages as the Spirit gave them power to express themselves.”

(Acts of Apostles 2, 2.4)
"So admirable harmony is seeing, in God, the variety of thanks that he
communicates and has to communicate, infused science, prophecy, miracles, race proof, and many others ! And the harmony of grace and all the virtues and in particular of the theological, the gifts of the Holy Spirit and fruits"

(Sabatinas.19, 1)
"Where there is peace is the Holy Spirit" (Sor Maria's letter to the King Felipe IV. 44)

FOURTH MYSTERY: The Virgin Mary, after her earthly pilgrimage, is
raised into Heaven with admirable glory and triumph
"The Most Holy Mary came in body and soul to the royal throne of the eminent Trinity, and The Three Divine Persons received her (...) The Eternal Father said to her: ascend higher than all the other creatures, my elected one, my daughter and my dove. The humane Word said: Mother of mine, receive now the prize from my hand that you deserve. The Holy Spirit said: my most beloved Wife, enter into the eternal joy that corresponds to your faithful love and enjoy without
worries, the winter of the suffering is already over and you come to the eternal possession of our hugs." (MCOG Book VIII.769)
"Because you are God of Love, make me fall in love.
Since you are looking for me, receive me.
Since I look you with my eyes, bind me.
Since you have arrows of love, hurt me.
Since you are the fire of love, burn me.
Since you have love, join me.
Since Your chest is open, place me inside."
(Spiritual garden 576)

FIFTH MYSTERY: Mary is crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth, intercesor of grace and our mother The Three Divine persons put in Mary's head a Crown of glory. At the same time a voice came out saying: You will be Queen and Lady of all mortals (...)
Empress and Lady of the militant Church, her Protector, her Advocate, her Mother and her Teacher. You will be Patron of the Catholic kingdoms (...) You will be friend and defender of all the righteous and you will console, comfort and fill with goods our friends as long as they oblige you with their devotion"
(MCOD Book VII, 778)

"Blessed Virgin, mother, pray for me; look that in you I trust; and thanks to your intercession I must be saved. Receive me as a slave and be my guarantee"
(Spiritual Garden, 572)

I ask, oh Lord, thy will be done. May, oh Lord, be the life of my soul and soul of my life, and work in me Your love. I am yours, Lord, and for you I was born. Lord, I am no longer myself, nor I want to be, nor I want be; I'm yours. My God, make me as the shape of your heart. Remove from me what separates me from you.

Our Lord and our God, glorify on Earth the Venerable Mother Sister Maria de Jesus de Agreda, she helped us to discover the magnificent treasures of grace bestowed on the immaculate Mother of your Son and let us, like her, go into esus by Mary. We ask it on behalf of Jesus Christ, your Son, and by the ntercession of the Virgin Mary, our Mother.

A miracle? Who's face is in the cloth banner behind Bishop Pfeifer? No one was there.