The Mystical Lady In Blue

Sor Maria de Jesus de Ágreda

A Musical Tribute

There is a beautiful legend in the great state of Texas that tells of the last time Sor Maria visited the Indians she had come to love so much, in The New World. They say that the next morning, a beautiful field of blue flowers covered the land where her blue cloak touched the ground as a gift to remember Sor Maria, their beloved Lady in Blue. Today, the beautiful flowers the Indians saw are known as Texas blue bonnets. Once a year, these delicate wild flowers cover the land like a bright blue blanket, much like the color of the cloak Sor Maria wore. The Blue Bonnet is the official state flower of Texas.

If you ever have the privilege to visit Sor Maria’s Convent in Agreda, Spain and walk into the church of the Immaculate Conception, you might be surprised.  You see, Maria’s body has never decomposed. Her body rests peacefully in a timeless sleep, protected by a coffin made of glass.   

Whenever you see blue flowers remember the Lady in Blue. Remember the story of a young woman who taught the love of Jesus Christ and his beloved Mother to Native Americans in the New World.

Is Sor Maria’s story true?

Some of us believe it is.

After all…

 All Things Are Possible With God.

The Lady In Blue

Sor Maria